Balanitis – foreskin problem

Balanitis, an infection in the penis and foreskin, is a common problem among men. The skin of the glans tends to be irritable, with a red rash that itches and stings. The infection is not contagious, and behaves like a rash. A smelly discharge can also appear, and the penis and foreskin can feel painful.

Balanitis is almost always due to excessive hygiene. The thin skin of the glans does not tolerate washing, showering, or soaping several times a day. This kind of problem can affect young boys, even babies, as well as adult men.

The treatment consists in changing the washing habits – cleaning without soap or using an unscented one. Steroid creams or anti-fungal creams can get rid of balanitis depending on the type of condition. Treatment is important because prolonged balanitis can result in scarring, penile cancer, and other conditions.



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